Full floors 1750 m2.



Centro 27 an A+ Business Center, 2 office buildings and 1 parking building, plus a Convenience Center with an important mix of retailers. 

Strategically located on Route 27, connecting important highways of the country.

It transcends the corporate outlook by adopting wellness and entertainment strategies for collaborators. 

Health and efficient spaces, committed to a positive environmental impact

Building 1, 9 levels, 1750m2 whole floor.

Building 2, 7 levels,  1500m2 whole floor.

Convenience Center with 19 retail stores.

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Centro 27 Escazu is located on Route 27, 2 kilometers West from the Escazu toll station

It connects with important highways of the country, with fast access routes from San Jose, Escazu, and Santa Ana, easy vehicle access, and close to public transportation (bus stations). 

Located in one of the greatest surplus value areas, surrounded by shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, banks, gas stations, and an important entertainment area.

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Implementing new trends, enhancing wellbeing, fostering a healthy lifestyle, and providing entertainment for collaborators with:    

Outdoors gym

Rest areas

Play stations

Large green areas

Bicycle parking areas to support alternate means of transportation

Fully equipped showers

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Leed Certification


We promote healthy and efficient spaces; and are committed to generating a positive environmental impact. 

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Innovation is part of our corporate culture, which allows us to develop unique high quality projects.

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